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G r a t i t u d e

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2020 has not been the year any of us expected. My New Year’s Resolution was to practice more gratitude and wow – God could not have led me to that goal at a more perfect time! I have no doubt it was part of His master plan for my life! 

By practicing gratitude more this year, I’ve seen the positive even on the hardest of days. During quarantine, when I was depressed about having to shelter in place by myself and not work or see any of my friends or family – I was grateful my job still paid me even while our doors were closed for three months. When I was sad about my barre studio and the fitness center at my apartment closing, I was grateful for my barre studio offering zoom classes with all the instructors I love and the accountability that taking a live class provides. When I was bored out of my mind (like we all were) at home all day, I was grateful for my free time to relax and “do me.” It was the staycation I needed but never would’ve given myself! 

Gratitude helped me realize that quarantine was the reset many areas of my life needed. I was over my relationship, burnt out from working two jobs and spending my few days off out of state, and in need of a push to start a strong new workout regimen. Along comes March and the Week America Shut Down. Over the following few weeks, my then boyfriend and I broke up, I realized just how much I needed more balance in my life and that working one full time job is plenty for me personally, and I lost weight doing barre twice a day on Zoom. 

Everything happens for a reason and I am insanely grateful for all the unexpected blessings I’ve received this year – one of them being this flower wall haha! I never would’ve spent the money on this when I could’ve spent it on travel or food/drinks/concerts/sporting events. Yet for someone like myself who always wants a great photo backdrop and LOVES a girly decor moment such as a flower wall – it is going to bring me so much life to have one at home and see it everyday! The flower wall also represents this current chapter of my life very well – I’ve started this blog, refined my IG content/aesthetic, and made my apartment feel more like home with more decor and better organization! I didn’t ask for the things 2020 brought me, but I’m so thankful to have them. I hope 2020 has brought you some light out of the darkness we’ve all faced this year! If not – the year isn’t over yet!



Flower Wall: Amazon 

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (linked similar) 

Headband: Lele Sadoughi

Necklaces: Kendra Scott heart & star